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Airwolf II was the Studio name given to this production. The Studio being Universal. It was always to be a handover reboot from the old actors (Jan Michael Vincent) to the new crew hence the name Airwolf II to distinguish it from the original. It was always conceived as a reboot to get the series into syndication. Budgetary concerns made it necessary to anchor the series in Vancouver BC and recut flying scenes of the Airwolf chopper using previously shot footage and models. The Santini chopper was a local one matched to the original.

- Steve Geaghan

Airwolf was cancelled by CBS presumably halfway through Season 3 due to low ratings but also Jan's problems with alcoholism which started fairly already in Season 1.

The USA Network funded the show in 1987, to be produced in Canada by Atlantis and The Arthur Company (owned by Arthur L. Annecharico) in association with MCA. This was intended to increase the number of episodes to make the show eligible for broadcast syndication. The original cast was asked to come back, but turned it down due to the budget being way lower than what they were paid at CBS plus the production moved to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Jan-Michael Vincent was the only one who reprised his role for the opening episode 'BLACKJACK'.


Due to the 76s being sold after the show was initially cancelled the production crew had no money to replicate a new one. Instead the 88k (stage lady) were shipped overseas to be used both for interior and exterior shots. All flight shots were recycled footage from previous seasons including never seen before and extended footage.

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