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The Brazilian pianist, Bernardo Segáll, emigrated to the USA in his twenties, married an American dancer, and made his living writing music for musicals and movie soundtracks in Hollywood. He is almost forgotten in both Brazil and the USA.

Bernardo Segáll was a very good Bach pianist. He composed music for the soundtracks of the movies: 'The Great St. Louis Bank Robbery' (1960), 'The Luck of Ginger Coffey' (1964), 'Custer Of The West' (1967), 'Loving' (1970), 'Night Slaves' (1970), 'The Jesus Trip' (1971), 'El jardín de tía Isabel' (1971), 'Moon of the Wolf' (1972), 'The Girl Most Likely To' (1973), 'Homebodies' (1974), 'Murder By Mail' (1980), 'Turn Over Smith' (1980), 'New Adventures Of Pipi Longstocking' (1987)

He did music for the episodes 'LITTLE WOLF', 'WILDFIRE' AND 'JENNIE'

He died in 1993 in Los Angeles.

Credit: Airwolf Themes

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