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George Romanis (born 1929) is a composer who created the music for the Star Trek: The Next Generation first season episode "Too Short a Season" in 1988. This episode also marks his last known work.

Romanis worked as composer from the late 1960s on and created the music for the sport film Sail to Glory(1967), the comedy Eight on the Lam (1967), and episodes of The Ugliest Girl in Town (1968), The Mod Squad(1971, starring Clarence Williams III), Mission: Impossible (1971), and Mannix (1971-1972, the first episode directed by Reza Badiyi). Further work includes the television thriller Maneater (1973), the television series Hawkins (1973), Police Woman (1974), Hawaii Five-0 (1970-1975, one episode directed by Corey Allen), Medical Center, Cannon (1974-1975), The Streets of San Francisco (1975), and The Rookies (1975), the television movie Shark Kill (1976), and the crime thriller She's Dressed to Kill (1979).

His more recent work includes Michael Crichton's science fiction series Beyond Westworld (1980), three of the Joe Dancer television movies (1981), the television drama Of Mice and Men (1981, directed by Reza Badiyi), the television series Hell Town (1985), and the Airwolf episode "Tracks" (1986).

Credit: Airwolf Themes

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