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Sylvester Levay was the show's main composer on Airwolf producing 'that' iconic theme and was ultimately responsible for creating the lion's share of the episodic music on the show. Having the lion's share he created music for Airwolf's entire 1st Season, more than half of the 2nd Season and the middle half of the 3rd Season.

Born in Serbia, he currently lives outside Munich, Germany with his family, and nowadays works solely on German language musicals (such as 'Elisabeth', 'Rebecca' and 'Mozart!') with his long-term writing partner, Michael Kunze after finishing composing film and television soundtracks around the turn of the Millennium. He would be considered in the same league as Andrew Lloyd Webber but for German language musicals.

Sylvester Levay has worked with many famous people from Elton John to Sylvester Stallone and composed soundtracks for movies like 'Cobra' (1986); 'Cat People' (1982), 'Hot Shots!' (1991), 'Navy Seals' (1990), 'Mannequin' (1987), 'Burglar' (1987), 'Courage Mountain' (1990) as well as being the arranger on 'Scarface' (1983) and 'Flashdance' (1983).

'Airwolf' (1984-1986) was Sylvester's first big "Hollywood" gig by his own admission, but he went on to write for a plethora of other TV shows and TV movies including: 'Time Bomb' (1984), 'Otherworld' (1985), 'Annihilator' (1986), 'Werewolf' (1987), 'Three O'Clock High' (1987), 'Probe' (1988), 'Hardball' (1989) and 'Medicopter 117' (1998-2007).

Credit: Airwolf Themes

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