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Israeli-born composer and Conductor, Udi Harpaz was brought in by Airwolf's Associate Producer, Carol Gillson after mid-2nd Season episode, 'NATURAL BORN' and continued composing episodic music for the show right through to early 3rd Season with 'CROSSOVER' when Sylvester Levay came back on board for weekly duties.

Having worked with orchestrating and composing on 'Turbo Teen' (1983) and 'Knight Rider' (1983) and other popular animated shows such as 'The Centurions' (1985) in the mid-80s before 'Airwolf' (1985), his work since then has included 30+ generic themed "symphonic" CDs that can be licensed for a range of productions and genres including having been used on 'Oprah', 'America's Got Talent', 'Dancing With The Stars', TV adverts and other ways; as well as composing many stage shows including the acclaimed 'Masada' (which he conducted the Moscow Symphony Orchestra to create over a two-week gig), 'WOW - Black Light Theatre in Prague' (2002), 'Aladdin' (1998), 'Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves' (2003) and 'Night of the Sultans' (2004) amongst others.

Credit: Airwolf Themes

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