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Airwolf is a top secret high-tech attack helicopter developed by the F.I.R.M. and designed by Dr. Charles Henry Moffet. Airwolf has an aerodynamic lifting body with a twin turbine-driven rotor system capable of propelling it to 300 knots and can disengage its rotor system and ignite two additional turbines. Airwolf can also exceed Mach 1 from sea level to 65,000 feet.



Aircraft Commander

Is responsibIe for positive fIight controI and target acquisition. 

In-flight systems specialist

Is responsible in the eIectronic data command center to monitor turbine temperatures, fueI and Iubricant pressure, rotor synchronization, all onboard flight systems to suppress, neutraIize, or destroy any weapons threatening the integrity of AirwoIf and weapon system seIection. The latter offers him 14 firepower options.

Second crewman

Is a counter measure speciaIist who also has a duplicate flight system control in case the aircraft commander becomes incapacitated.


Wing Guns

4-50 Caliber Chainguns

2-40 MM Cannons

Missiles and Heavy Weapons

  • Infrared Decoys

  • Sidewinders

  • Agiles

  • Shrike

  • Deflect

  • Bullpups

  • Paveway Bombs

(ADF POD launched)

  • Falcon (Air-to-air)

  • Maverick (Air-to-surface)

  • Redeye

  • Copperhead

  • Hellfire


  • Sunburst (Anti missile flare)

  • chaff (radar countermeasure) anti-missile decoys

  • Bullet-proof armoured fuselage

  • Learning flight/combat computer

  • Radar/Radio Jammer

  • 90% Radar absorbent skin


  • Midair refuel capable

  • 950 Miles (Armed crew of 3)

  • 1450 long miles range (crew of 2)

  • 5194 long miles range (crew of 5, without armament)

  • 11.000 feet unpressurized

  • 89.000 feet pressurized

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