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Barry Van Dyke plays Stringfellow Hawke's, brother St, John. who was rescued by the FIRM, now known as the Company after being MIA for 18 years. He is reunited with Stringfellow but due to his brother's injuries, he starts working for the Company and takes over as pilot of Airwolf.

Barry's TV debut was as "Florian", a violin-toting nine-year-old in The Dick Van Dyke Show: The Talented Neighborhood (1962) episode of the classic The Dick Van Dyke Show (1961) show. He worked behind the scenes on subsequent ventures of his father's, and has co-starred with him in three series, The Van Dyke Show (1988), Diagnose - Murder (1993) and Murder 101: Murder 101 (2006). Barry's other television work includes Galactica 1980 (1980), Airwolf (1984) (4th season), Gun Shy (1983), Mr. Mom (1983) and The Redd Foxx Show (1986), as well as numerous guest appearances. His films include Foxfire Light (1983), Maur (1977) (aka ANTS!) and Casino (1980).


Today living a quiet life and are still acting in low budget movies. He appeared in a episode of Dad Dudes in 2015. Still has a few movies coming out next year.

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