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Alex Cord plays Michael Coldsmith Briggs III Codenamed "Archangel", the Firm's point man on the Airwolf project. Archangel brokered a deal by which he would provide government assistance for Airwolf (and Stringfellow's quest to find St. John) in exchange for the use of Airwolf on missions of national importance. Though he was usually the man dispatching Airwolf on missions, Archangel occasionally served as flight engineer on Airwolf.

He sought a Hollywood "in" and found one via his equestrian skills in the early 1960s. Steady work came to him on such established western TV series as Laramie (1959) and Branded (1965) and that extended itself into acting roles on crime action series Route 66 (1960) and Naked City (1958)). Gaining a foothold in feature films within a relatively short time, he starred or co-starred in more than 30 feature films including Synanon (1965), Stagecoach (1966), Stiletto (1969) and The Brotherhood (1968).

Alex turned to writing and has released three novels. He also chairs "Ahead with Horses" an organization that provides therapeutic riding programs for the physically and emotionally challenged. Alex died surrounded by friends in his home in Valley View, Texas, august 9 around 6:30 p.m. Ct. He was 88.

In Loving Memory
1933 - 2021

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