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An unprecedented 3-HOUR documentary film, detailing in-depth, the incredible and fascinating story behind one of the most expensive, cinematic and complicated television productions: "AIRWOLF".


The documentary, produced and directed professionally by long-time fan Martin Grant, was self-financed entirely up until the end of last year, following the wrap of an extensive and demanding 5-week shoot across the United States. Grant and his lighting cameraman, Eric Shepherd, were able to reach 40 CAST & CREW, including 10 guest stars in California, Oregon, Texas and Massachusetts (coast-to-coast). 2 further interviews were shot before and after in Southern England, bringing the total number of interviewed persons to 42.


The shoot was a resounding success, and enjoyed a great deal by the pair, as they met and interviewed those men and women responsible for the making of the series. The honest, profound and uninfluenced accounts recorded make for COMPELLING VIEWING, bringing many UNTOLD truths, struggles and revelations to light.


It must be noted that no documentary looking back on a past television or motion picture production has ever featured an astounding amount of 36 interviews, let alone the number that will be achieved if you, the prospective backer, decide to become involved in financing a 2nd, final shoot to Toronto, Vancouver and Los Angeles. Based on the list of people already confirmed, the number of recorded interviews with the cast and crew of "AIRWOLF" will rise to approximately 70, with a grand total of 84 persons.




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