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Villianous tycoon John Bradford Horn, master of disguise, uses his daughter to lure Hawke into a trap where he is taken prisoner by his private army and then brainwashed. Hawke sends Dominic a message to deliver Airwolf or else he will be killed.

Guest Cast: Catherine Hickland, Richard Lynch.

  • ​Production No. 61108

  • Airdate: September 28 1985

  • Writer: Sutton Roley

  • Director: Sutton Roley

  • Music: Udi Harpaz

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The F.I.R.M. has secretly developed a new advanced helicopter, codenamed "Redwolf", with the help of an egotistical pilot and rival of Hawke, Harlan 'Tex' Jenkins. Having no further need for Airwolf, Zeus fires Archangel, accusing him of disloyalty to the F.I.R.M. because he has been so protective of Hawke. But Jenkins soon steals the Redwolf to sell to a group of South American revolutionaries. The rebels want him to turn the aircraft over immediately, but Jenkins has other plans.

Guest Cast: Wings Hauser, Cesare Danova, Robert F. Simon.

  • ​Production No. 61113

  • Airdate: October 05 1985

  • Writer: Louie Elias

  • Director: Don Medford

  • Music: Udi Harpaz

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Leading aircraft designer, Robert Phelps, is abducted by foreign agents to the horror of his mentally challenged son, Bobby. Hawke decides to try and find Phelps, obtaining leads from Bobby, whose autism gives him the ability to draw detailed clues from memory. While in the agent's custody, Phelps has a sudden heart-attack and is rendered useless to them. Hawke has to find him for Bobby.

Guest Cast: Larry Linville, Ricky Wittman, Jack Rader, David Spielberg.

  • ​Production No. 61110

  • Airdate: October 12 1985

  • Writer: Stephan A. Miller

  • Director: Alan Reisner

  • Music: Udi Harpaz

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Archangel is held captive by a powerful arms dealer who needs information to complete the work on a highly advanced maneuvering system for fighter jets - Fortune Teller. With the help from a psychic, String and Dom endeavor to find their friend before it's too late.

Guest Cast: Katherine Cannon, David Tress, Michael Cavanaugh.

  • ​Production No. 61105

  • Airdate: October 26 1985

  • Writer: James L. Novack, Rick Kelbaugh

  • Director: Sutton Roley

  • Music: Udi Harpaz

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Hawke is sent by land to escort to defecting father and daughter team of Czech scientists to the United States. The father is killed by KGB pursuers but Hawke and the daughter Inge make it to safety. But then Inge changes her mind! She decides to stay with an old family friend instead but he is not what he seems to be.

Guest Cast: John Van Dreelen, Isa Jank, Arthur Rosenberg.

  • ​Production No. 61106

  • Airdate: October 26 1985

  • Writer: Elliot West

  • Director: Don Medford

  • Music: Udi Harpaz

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When some thermonuclear detonators are stolen. Hawke tried to find them with Airwolf's thermal sensors. But the man who stole them plans to use Airwolf to transport them. And part of his plan is seducing Caitlin.

Guest Cast: Stephen Parr, Devon Ericson, Sandy Kronemeyer.

  • ​Production No. 61107

  • Airdate: November 02 1984

  • Writer: Michael Halperin

  • Director: Harvey S. Laidman

  • Music: Sylvester Levay

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Roan Carver, a test pilot with the Stappleford Corporation, has discovered a fatal design flaw with the company's latest aircraft for the USAF, the X-400. She is indebted to Lou Stappleford for identifying her potential as a test pilot but can't go through with the deception that may cost the Air Force billions of dollars as well as lives. Stappleford cannot face his company being brought down so he plans an accident at the Reno Air Races to eliminate her. Fortunately, Roan's skill as a racing pilot catches Hawke's eye, or more appropriately, topples his gyros, and he decides to help her.

Guest Cast: William Windom, Nancy Everhard.

  • ​Production No. 61109

  • Airdate: November 09 1985

  • Writer: Edward J. Lakso

  • Director: Virgil W. Vogel

  • Music: Sylvester Levay

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When a weapon built by the Firm is stolen. One of the men who stole it, thinking the man who hired him is shortchanging him calls the Firm and arranges a meeting. Michael sends Hawke and his people, because the meeting is taking place at a Wild West Show. When they get there, the man who called them makes contact but before he could tell them anything is killed. Hawke turns to the woman in charge for help.

Guest Cast: Tricia O'Neil, Alex Kubik, Art Hindle.

  • ​Production No. Virgil W. Vogel

  • Airdate: November 16 1985

  • Writer: Carleton Eastlake

  • Director: Daniel Haller

  • Music: Sylvester Levay

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Hawke, Dominic and Caitlin go to the rescue of an American scientist who has been kidnapped and forced to develop super unmanned tanks which a Latin American dictatorship wants to use to crush its rebel enemies.

Guest Cast: Lenore Kasdorf, Richard Yniguez, Michael Preston.

  • ​Production No. 61115

  • Airdate: November 23 1985

  • Writer: Katharyn Powers

  • Director: Bernard L. Kowalski

  • Music: Bernardo Segáll

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The families of Hawke's Vietnam war buddies are kidnapped and then Dominic and Caitlin too. Archangel and Hawke try to piece together connection and then they discover it has to do with a village which his squadron destroyed due to an intelligence mistake. Hawke gets some help from a Vietnamese woman named Lia but then he discovers that she came from the village also.

Guest Cast: Kim Miyori, George Cheung, Branscombe Richmond, Robert Ito.

  • ​Production No. 61111

  • Airdate: November 30 1985

  • Writer: Robert Specht

  • Director: Harvey S. Laidman

  • Music: Sylvester Levay

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Hawke has to deliver the Medal of Honor of his friend, John Fargo, to his brother, Billy Fargo, a draft dodger who went to Canada and now lives in the remote fishing village of Beaudy. Hawke has a strange feeling about the place. It is populated only by children, all living a 1960s "flower children" lifestyle and no one seems to want to answer any questions about Billy Fargo. Hawke later discovers Billy Fargo is very much in the village--all the children call him "Father"! And the whole set up is an elaborate scheme to destroy the world.

Guest Cast: Deborah Wakeham, Lewis Van Bergen, Alicia Chambers.

  • ​Production No. 61114

  • Airdate: December 14 1985

  • Writer: Alan Godfrey

  • Director: Daniel Haller

  • Music: Sylvester Levay

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Michael Archangel gives Hawke the surprising news that a boy, Le Van Hawke, is St John's son. Even more surprising, St John's remains have been found and are being repatriated. As always, all is not what it seems. 

Guest Cast: Roland Harrah III, Doug McClure, Michael D. Roberts, James Hong.

  • ​Production No. 61117

  • Airdate: December 21 1985

  • Writer: Robert Janes

  • Director: Bernard McEveety

  • Music: Sylvester Levay

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With the crew earning some down time, and Airwolf some much-needed repair time, Dom takes a trip to help out an old war buddy. But he soon finds himself in the middle of both a family feud, and a dangerous drug-smuggling ring...without the help of Airwolf!

Guest Cast: Lance LeGault, Ken Olandt, Tony Burton, Ismael Carlo.

  • ​Production No. 61116

  • Airdate: January 11 1986

  • Writer: David Westheimer

  • Director: Vincent McEveety

  • Music: Bernardo Segáll

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Hawke's arch enemy, John Bradford Horn has sent his thugs to execute a couple in the desert. The woman escapes from her executioners and stumbles onto the Wolf's Lair. Now Horn is after her because she can help him steal Airwolf!

Guest Cast: Anne Bloom, John Vernon, Asher Brauner.

  • ​Production No. 61118

  • Airdate: January 18 1986

  • Writer: Del Reisman

  • Director: Alan Cooke

  • Music: Sylvester Levay

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Hawke and Dominic are assigned to transport Tess Dixon, an important witness, to a secret Senate committee hearing. Powerful forces are working to ensure that they do not succeed, including a traitor in the FIRM.

Guest Cast: Anne Lockhart, Jack Hogan, G. Gordon Liddy, Clu Gulager.

  • ​Production No. 61119

  • Airdate: January 25 1986

  • Writer: Everett Chambers

  • Director: Georg Fenady

  • Music: Sylvester Levay

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While visiting Hawke's old Vietnam buddy Greg Stewart, Dominic & Hawke become unwitting pawns in a potentially deadly custody battle between Greg's mother, Martha (June Allyson) and ex-wife Rainey. Rainey refuses to sign over custody of their infant son to Greg, and Mrs. Stewart holds Rainey hostage at their estate until the papers are signed. Even worse, the sinister Sheriff Waldren is on Mrs. Stewart's payroll. When a plane crash kills Greg, Mrs. Stewart realizes she will not be able to gain custody of her grandson, and threatens Rainey.

Guest Cast: Jonna Lee, Stephen Shortridge, Peter Brown, Grainger Hines.

  • ​Production No. 61122

  • Airdate: February 01 1986

  • Writer: Robert Specht

  • Director: Bernard McEveety

  • Music: Bernardo Segáll

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During Cate's sorority reunion on board the Queen Mary, some men turn up and try to kidnap Barbara Scarelli. The kidnap attempt goes wrong and ends up as a standoff and a hostage situation.

Guest Cast: Bryan Cranston, Robin Dearden, Morgan Stevens.

  • ​Production No. 61120

  • Airdate: February 08 1986

  • Writer: Robert Janes

  • Director: Gregory Prange

  • Music: Sylvester Levay

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While visiting a friend, Hawke excuses himself to get a cup of coffee. In his absence, his friend and the secretary are executed mob style. Hawke is shot, but manages to escape. Santini Air is ravaged in a search for something that as yet has not been disclosed. A bug is found in the phone at Santini Air, and is immediately destroyed. Somehow, the villains still manage to track Hawke to the place he is hiding. After meeting with Archangel, Hawke learns his friend was a double agent.

Guest Cast: Ray Wise, Wendy Schaal, Lisa Donovan.

  • ​Production No. 61127

  • Airdate: February 15 1986

  • Writer: B.W. Sandefur

  • Director: Richard Irving

  • Music: Sylvester Levay

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Hawke, Dominic and Caitlin are asked to help to break an innocent man out of prison, during wish Hawke gets captured in the process.

Guest Cast: Pedro Armendáriz Jr., John Davis Chandler, Tony O'Dell.

  • ​Production No. 61131

  • Airdate: February 22 1986

  • Writer: Edward J. Lakso

  • Director: Dennis Donnelly

  • Music: Sylvester Levay

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While fishing, Hawke witnesses a woman who is dropped from a helicopter into a lake. Hawke rescues her, but the two men responsible are hot on his tail. The rescued woman has difficulty remembering her identity and Hawke tries to help her.

Guest Cast: Kristina Wayborn, William Smith, Tom Simcox.

  • ​Production No. 61132

  • Airdate:  March 15 1986

  • Writer: B.W. Sandefur

  • Director: Don Chaffey

  • Music: Sylvester Levay

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Hawke agrees to help paraplegics scale Sunusito mountain when a survivalist (the "Catman") decides to attack the hikers to protect his feral cats. Hawke has to get them to the chopper to save them. Dom and Caitlin use Airwolf to find them.

Guest Cast: Tom Simcox, Hugh Farrington, Timothy Carey.

  • ​Production No. 61124

  • Airdate: March 15 1986

  • Writer: Rick Kelbaugh

  • Director: Ron Stein

  • Music: George Romanis

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Hawke agrees to help his nephew with a missing-person case, which quickly leads to a dangerous drug-smuggling ring.

Guest Cast: Roland Harrah III, Eric Braeden, BarBara Luna, 

  • ​Production No. 61129

  • Airdate: March 29 1986

  • Writer: Robert Janes

  • Director: Bernard L. Kowalski

  • Music: Tom Scott, Joseph Conlan, Steven Schaeffer

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