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Anthony Sherwood plays Jason Locke, Archangel's replacement when he his sent oversea who works for the Company that send Airwolf on various missions. He is also piloting Airwolf from time to time.

Anthony Sherwood has performed in some memorable television roles. American audiences will remember Anthony as Jason Locke in the American television series, "Airwolf II". For five successful seasons, he portrayed the character of Dillon Beck on the C.B.C. award-winning television drama, "Street Legal" and received a Gemini Award nomination for his performance.

His company, Anthony Sherwood Productions, specializes in producing documentary films focusing on social justice and human rights issues and has traveled around the world producing compelling projects dealing with HIV/AIDS in Africa, landmines in Bosnia and Cambodia, and youth violence in Jamaica. 

Today he act in plays and his latest play he performed the leading role in the Shakespeare play, Othello for Ale House Theatre.

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