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Geraint Wyn Davis plays Major Mike Rivers, an Air Force Major who is hired by the Company to locate Airwolf. After finding it he ends up being a part of the mission to locate St, John to bring him back. He also becomes a part of the new team flying Airwolf on various missions while working for the Company.

Over the past 45 years Wyn Davies has been a successful actor, writer, director and producer, who has appeared in many film, television and stage projects. His extensive TV work has included among many others, starring and recurring roles in ReGenesis, Murdoch Mysteries, 24, Slings & Arrows, The Outer Limits, Black Harbour, Dracula, Tracker, Airwolf, The Judge, To Serve and Protect, and the cult classic series Forever Knight.


Today very busy directing plays, acting and creating music. His latest play is called BREATH OF KINGS: REBELLION.

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