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Jean Bruce Scott plays Caitlin O'Shannessy. A helicopter pilot for the Texas Highway Patrol, Caitlin first crossed paths with Airwolf when the gunship prevented her from being assaulted by four rednecks during the events of the Season 2 episode "Sweet Britches". After saving Stringfellow from a corrupt sheriff (and, in turn, being saved by Airwolf from being assaulted again), Caitlin tracked Stringfellow to Santini Air. Santini hired Caitlin, who had left the Highway Patrol, as a pilot for Santini Air. After initially covering up the existence of Airwolf, the events of Season 2 episode "Fallen Angel" resulted in her being added to the Airwolf crew, serving as either a pilot or flight engineer (as the situation required). 

She is an actress, known for Airwolf (1984), Magnum (1980) and St. Elsewhere (1982). She has been married to Randy Reinholz since September 30, 1989. She was previously married to Robert Colman.


Today she is retired from Native Voices at the Autry after more than 25 years of developing and producing new work (plays, radio plays, and screenplays) by Native American playwrights as Founder and Producing Executive Director of the theater company located in Los Angeles at the Autry Museum of the American West along with her husband Robert Colman. She currently lives in Los Angeles.

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