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John with the late Ernest Borgnine.

Back in the 80’s and still in high school, I had the good fortune of being next door neighbors with Peter McKernan Jr., who gave me a job at Jetcopters, Inc. on Waterman Drive at the Van Nuys Airport. My official job was in the accounting department doing the accounts payable. I had just started studying Accounting in high school, which I went on to do professionally since graduating college.

Unofficially, I did whatever Pete or the other pilots asked me to do, pick up cars from the shop, go on bank runs, run errands, get lost on the Universal lot and pick up lunch for the pilots. I can't remember the exact time I started working there but I think it was either in late in 1983 or early in 1984. It was a fun time for me, I was 17 and had a great paying part time job that was a fun place to work.

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