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Jan-Michael Vincent stars as Stringfellow Hawke in the flying action series Airwolf created by Donald P. Bellisario.


When a mysterious national security agency called the Firm constructs a "Mach-one-plus chopper that can kick butt," only to have it stolen by the nefarious scientist Charles Henry Moffet (David Hemmings) who designed it. The Firm sends in Archangel (Alex Cord) who turns to Stringfellow Hawke (Jan Michael Vincent), a reclusive, cello-playing, art-loving, eagle-watching, guilt-ridden master pilot. Hawke refuses to help unless the Firm searches for his brother, St, John (Barry Van Dyke) who went MIA in 'Nam. Hawke brings in his longtime friend and mentor, Dominic Santini (Ernest Borgnine), a charming Italian, war veteran, combat aviator, who also raised Stringfellow and St, John when their parents were killed in a boating accident. After bringing Airwolf back, the Firm failed to keep their part of  the deal, and Hawke was forced to keep Airwolf under hiding. But since the FIRM would do anything to take it back, Hawke and Santini made an agreement by flying covert missions in exchange for tips about government efforts to retrieve Airwolf.


Years later, Hawke got a tip about his long lost brother, but ended in tragedy when Santini was killed in a helicopter accident that wounded Hawke badly. Hawke told Santini's niese Jo (Michelle Scarabelli), who worked at Santini Air about the secret location of Airwolf. Archangel was sent overseas leaving Jason Locke (Anthony Sherwood) as his replacement. Locke hires U.S. Airforce Major Mike Rivers (Geraint Wyn Davis) to search for Airwolf. Teaming up with Jo they go on a hunting mission to look for St, John. Bringing him back and saying his last goodbye's to Stringfellow Hawke, the team now decides to keep on flying covert missions for the FIRM.

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