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Probert outsIde Jetcopters, Inc, Van Nuys, ca 1984


The flight-capable Airwolf helicopter was a cosmetically modified Bell 222, serial number 47085, sometimes unofficially called a Bell 222A. Registered as N3176S, shorten 76s among fans and was owned by Jetcopters, Inc. of Van Nuys, California. During filming of the last episode 'Birds of Paradise', 76s wasn't presence. Instead the mock-up (Stage Lady) was dragged out on the parking lot behind stage 27, as a stand in for 76s. They also relied heavy on stock footage. Presumably why it wasn't presence might have something to do with UNI's contract with Jetcopters, Inc had come to an end.


Photo: John Cogan

How 76s looked before it was sold to Jetcopters, Inc.

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