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Michele Scarabelli plays Jo Santini, Dom's niese and takes over Santini Air when Dom is killed in a helicopter accident. She also becomes a part of the new team with Major Mike Rivers and Jason Locke after beeing revealed the secret location of Airwolf while working for the Company.

Scarabelli's other roles include Charlotte in the 1986 movie Perfect Timing, Agent 3 in the Journeyman Project series of computer games, Jo Santini on season four of Airwolf, and numerous TV movies and guest appearances including the War of the Worlds episode "A Multitude of Idols" and the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "In Theory" in which she played Lt. Jenna D'Sora, a short-term girlfriend of the android officer Lt. Commander Data. In addition, Scarabelli played Ray Krebbs' unstable lover Connie Hall in six episodes of Dallas in 1988 and made appearances on Philip Marlowe, Private Eye, and Supernatural. She also voiced Six in Nelvana's Seven Little Monsters. Scarabelli guest starred as Martha Kent in the CW television series Superman & Lois. She also provided the voice of Michelle Visard in the video games The Journeyman Project: Pegasus PrimeThe Journeyman Project 2: Buried in Time and The Journeyman Project 3: Legacy of Time.

Today still working as an actor and are located in Canada.

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