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Hawke and Santini's niece Jo are testing a helicopter control device, and after landing they find an audio tape that someone secretly placed into the helicopter. The tape reveals evidence that Hawke's lost brother St. John is still alive and being held prisoner somewhere in South East Asia by a rebel mercenary group. Hawke takes the tape to the F.I.R.M. only to find out that Archangel has been suddenly reassigned to the Middle-East and replaced by company agent Jason Locke.

Guest Cast: Hagan Beggs, Michael Preston, Garry Chalk, Jerry Wasserman.

  • ​Production No. 0906

  • Airdate: January 23 1987

  • Writer: Michael Mercer, Jane Veverka

  • Director: Alan Simmonds

  • Music: Dan Milner


Jo is in Istanbul awaiting her contact who has smuggled top secret papers out of Bulgaria. The papers contain the locations of Soviet missile installations and are brought to a Stockholm peace conference as evidence that the Soviets are violating treaty stipulations. Her contact fails to show so she goes looking for him and finds him shot. Before he dies he reveals his hiding place for the papers and Jo retrieves them. She gets on her plane for Stockholm but the flight is forced down by Bulgarian fighter jets. Jo is arrested as a spy and taken to a prison.

Guest Cast: Lynne Harbaugh, Sherry Bie, Garwin Sanford, Amy Newman.

  • ​Production No. 0901

  • Airdate: January 30 1987

  • Writer: Patrick Kennedy

  • Director: Patrick Corbett

  • Music: Dan Milner


Jo is testing a new navigation computer in her Jet Ranger helicopter, as St. John follows in his plane. Suddenly, both aircraft are fired upon by a laser weapon. Jo crashes in the wilderness but St. John manages to make an emergency landing at a nearby airport. He is injured and taken to the small town of San Maria's hospital, but is furious that no one is looking for Jo's downed helicopter. Once he recovers his strength, he forces a local deputy to go looking for Jo but they can find no trace of the helicopter.

Guest Cast: Anne Lockhart, John S. Ragin, Stephen Young.

  • ​Production No. 0904

  • Airdate: February 06 1987

  • Writer: Gwen Tulpa, Jordon Nicht

  • Director: Patrick Corbett

  • Music: Dan Milner, Rick Patterson


St. John and Rivers go to the remote town of Devil's Peak to meet a former F.I.R.M. employee and check on her story of strange sounds and lights coming from a nearby Indian burial ground. Investigating, the two stumble upon a secret base where an advanced military helicopter called the Scorpion is being tested and ready to be handed over to the KGB.

Guest Cast: Margot Pinvidic, Gordon Tootoosis, Dale Wilson.

  • ​Production No. 0903

  • Airdate: February 13 1987

  • Writer: A.P. Liddell

  • Director: Ken Jubenvil

  • Music: Dan Milner


The Company sends the Airwolf crew to tail a KGB agent who has stolen computer boards belonging to a new government spy satellite. The team must recover the boards before they are handed off to his Soviet comrades. They manage to kill the agent and secure one of the boards but the other has already been handed off to a second operative. The crew must get it back before the second agent before he can escape the country.

Guest Cast: George Touliatos, Linda Darlow, Lillian Carlson.

  • ​Production No. 0905

  • Airdate: February 20 1987

  • Writer: Leslie McBride

  • Director: Ken Jubenvil

  • Music: Dan Milner, Rick Pattersom


Jo catches a teenage boy hiding at the Santini Air hangar who has run away from a nearby wilderness youth camp. The boy seems afraid of being returned to his abusive grandfather, but Jo and Rivers bring him back to the camp and decide to help make sure nothing happens to the boy. The boy's hostile grandfather shows up threatening to kill everyone with a rifle and a bomb unless his grandson his handed over.

Guest Cast: Jason Priestley, Paul Lambert, Harvey M. Miller.

  • ​Production No. 0907

  • Airdate: February 27 1987

  • Writer: Anthony Robertson

  • Director: Bruce Pittman

  • Music: Dan Milner


Airwolf is on a mission to guard a train carrying a deadly nerve gas on its way for disposal, but a rebel mercenary group sets up a trap ahead of the train at a mountain tunnel. The train enters the tunnel and the Airwolf's crew temporarily lose sight of it until it reemerges at the other end. Soon, they realize they have been duped and are following a decoy train that was hidden in the tunnel while the real one has been stopped and diverted elsewhere.

Guest Cast: August Schellenberg, Ty Haller, William S. Taylor.

  • ​Production No. 0902

  • Airdate: March 06 1987

  • Writer: Jordon Nicht, Gwen Tulpa

  • Director: Patrick Corbett

  • Music: Dan Milner, Rick Patterson


On a covert surveillance mission, Airwolf's scanners detect a large plume of radioactive gas being vented from the nuclear power plant at Stavograd, Russia. A new component at the power plant has failed and the engineers cannot stop the dangerous gas leak which is threatening the lives of millions. Disobeying Company orders to not get involved, St. John offers the Russians assistance but they refuse the help and warn not to enter their airspace. St. John pilots Airwolf into Soviet airspace anyway and is quickly fired upon. Although Airwolf avoids their missile strike, she is eventually surrounded by Migs and forced to land where the crew are captured.

Guest Cast: Sonja Smits, Garwin Sanford, Michael Constantine.

  • ​Production No. 0910

  • Airdate: March 13 1987

  • Writer: Sydney Burrows

  • Director: Ken Jubenvil

  • Music: Dan Milner


The Airwolf crew are being held as spies and "The Lady" is in the hands of the enemy. Locke is furious about his employer's decision to abandon them and decides to enter Russia on his own under a bogus passport, posing as an international athlete. Arriving at Stavograd, Locke attempt to get the crew out of lock up, but his cover is blown and he finds himself in jail with them. Once St. John learns of the commanding officer, General Kirov's plan to fire a missile into the Stavograd reactor to seal the leak.

Guest Cast: Sonja Smits, Garwin Sanford, Michael Constantine.

  • ​Production No. 0911

  • Airdate: March 20 1987

  • Writer: Sydney Burrows

  • Director: Sydney Burrows

  • Music: Dan Milner


Airwolf is supporting a group of military helicopters who are returning a kidnapped U.S. Ambassador who has just been set free by friendly ground forces. The mission is being led by Colonel Combs, a man who St. John once served under and is not on good terms with. During the flight home, one of the helicopters piloted by an Army General's son, is shot down and crashes. Now Colonel Combs is being held responsible for the pilot's death. St. John is stunned when Combs chooses his former enemy, St. John, to help in his defense at the court martial.

Guest Cast: Deborah Wakeham, Hagan Beggs, John Calvin.

  • ​Production No. 0909

  • Airdate: March 27 1987

  • Writer: Bartholomew S. Spellman

  • Director: Alan Simmonds

  • Music: Dan Milner


The Airwolf crew go to France to protect Anna LeBlanc, the star of a mime troupe and whose father is dedicated to fighting terrorism. The Company believes she may be the target of a retaliation after her father receives a threat letter. St. John and Locke try to uncover who is plotting her demise, while Jo and Rivers stay close to the girl, but she does not believe her life is in danger once the agents reveal who they are.

Guest Cast: Ann-Marie MacDonald, Michael Cutt, Len Birman.

  • ​Production No. 0908

  • Airdate: April 03 1987

  • Writer: Lyal Brown, Barbara Brown

  • Director: Bruce Pittman

  • Music: Dan Milner


St. John investigates the murder of a Japanese businessman who was injected with a deadly experimental virus. St. John learns that if the virus were released it could kill millions of people. Now he must uncover the madman behind its creation and avert his deadly attack.

Guest Cast: James Saito, Ken Pogue, Wong Gerald Shuck.

  • ​Production No. 0912

  • Airdate: April 17 1987

  • Writer: Lyal Brown, Barbara Brown

  • Director: Ken Jubenvill

  • Music: Dan Milner


Once again the Company tries to take possession of Airwolf after Rivers and Locke ignore orders not to proceed into Soviet airspace and retrieve information from a double agent. On their return home, The Company fires Locke, along with the rest of the Airwolf crew and they demand "The Lady" be handed over immediately.

Guest Cast: Robin Curtis, William B. Davis, John Ireland. 

  • ​Production No. 0914

  • Airdate: April 24 1987

  • Writer: R.B. Carney

  • Director: Brad Turner

  • Music: Dan Milner


Jo is kidnapped by a Japanese businessman and forced to fly him to a nuclear power plant. St. John discovers that the man was a Japanese pilot, shot down in World War II by his father, and he seeks revenge.

Guest Cast: Soon-Tek Oh, Seth Sakai, Larry Jang, Garrick Jang.

  • ​Production No. 0915

  • Airdate: May 011987

  • Writer: Michael Mercer, Barbara Brown

  • Director: Alan Simmonds

  • Music: Dan Milner


St. John is testing a new military aircraft called the "Viper", but something goes wrong with the plane and bails out before it crashes. After it is revealed that the company who engineered the plane has made a lemon and just wants a quick military sale, St. John tries to expose their scheme but quickly finds himself on the run after the company sends hit men after him.

Guest Cast: Ann-Marie MacDonald, Joy Coghill, Garry Chalk.

  • ​Production No. 0913

  • Airdate: May 08 1987

  • Writer: Stephen Ainsworth

  • Director: Randy Bradshaw

  • Music: Dan Milner


Anti-nuclear protestors seize nuclear missiles in both the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. The group threatens to detonate them unless both countries destroy their nuclear stockpiles. At the same time Airwolf is off the shore of a Scottish island, while Mike infiltrates the group's headquarters to get a code that can stop the plan. Mike gets caught and the protest group's leader is killed by his partner. The partner drugs Mike to get him to give up Airwolf's location. Hawke frees Mike before he talks.

Guest Cast: H.M. Wynant, William B. Davis, William Samples. 

  • ​Production No. 0916

  • Airdate: May 15 1987

  • Writer: Rick Drew

  • Director: J. Barry Herron

  • Music: Dan Milner


Mike's near twin, an East German pilot, will appear at a European air show and Mike has to replace him, while he is debriefed. Things get complicated, with a schedule change, and Mike has to rush his mission training. At the air show the Airwolf team find that the East Germans are on to the agent and have imprisoned his wife until he completes his part in the air show.

Guest Cast: Michael Pataki, Lucinda Nielsen, Anthony Stamboulieh.

  • ​Production No. 0917

  • Airdate: May 22 1987

  • Writer: Frank Kniest

  • Director: Ken Jubenvill

  • Music: Dan Milner


In a war-torn South American country, Airwolf must rescue Hawke's friend, Jack, from a local General. Hawke and Mike break in, while Locke uses Airwolf to provide cover. Unfortunately, Jack is already dead, leaving the mystery of where some smuggled money might have gone unsolved.

Guest Cast: James Kidnie, Gary Reineke, Caroline Barclay, Robert Symonds.

  • ​Production No. 0918

  • Airdate: May 29 1987

  • Writer: Michael Mercer

  • Director: Brad Turner

  • Music: Dan Milner


An Afghan rebel wants military weapons and Jo Santini. Meanwhile Hawke and Jo are testing Airwolf when Jo gets a message. A former boyfriend wants to see her, and asks her to visit him in Afghanistan. She does go, unknowingly walking into a trap.

Guest Cast: Andrew Gillies, Richard Barathy, Stephen E. Miller.

  • ​Production No. 0919

  • Airdate: June 12 1987

  • Writer: Ray Hoagan

  • Director: George Erschbamer

  • Music: Dan Milner


Locke falls for a beautiful woman, who works for the Ridgemont Institute. The Institute is run by a former employee of the F.I.R.M. who was a mind control expert. When Kate shows Locke her workplace, he is captured and an implant is used to gain control of him. He is then sent home, unaware of the control in an attempt to get Airwolf.

Guest Cast: Freda Perry, Karen Elizabeth Austin, Terry Moore. 

  • ​Production No. 0921

  • Airdate:  July 19 1987

  • Writer: Jordon Nicht, Gwen Tulpa

  • Director: Zale Dalen

  • Music: Dan Milner


Hawke and Mike find out via television that a madman wants all diseased people quarantined so they can no longer contaminate the world. Airwolf is sent to investigate. The madman finds out about Airwolf and threatens to poison the Pacific if it is used against him.

Guest Cast: Dick Van Dyke, Alex Diakun. 

  • ​Production No. 0924

  • Airdate: July 17 1987

  • Writer: Michael Mercer

  • Director: Ken Jubenvill

  • Music: Dan Milner


In Laos, Mike tries to capture one of the world's largest opium suppliers. After he fails, Hawke, Jo, and Mike are sent on separate missions to stop portions of the drug lords operation.

Guest Cast: Grainger Hines, Frank M. Benard, Dee Jay Jackson.

  • ​Production No. 0924

  • Airdate: July 17 1987

  • Writer: Rick Drew, Chris Haddock, Jana Veverka

  • Director: Ken Jubenvill

  • Music: Dan Milner


Hawke and Mike investigate stolen plutonium, while Jo's dad lets her know that he is dying. The guys find out that an employee was blackmailed into the theft by neo-Nazis who want a nuclear weapon.

Guest Cast: Donnelly Rhodes, Terence Kelly, Dwight McFee.

  • ​Production No. 0920

  • Airdate: February 21 1988

  • Writer: Chris Haddock

  • Director: Brad Turner

  • Music: Dan Milner


Hawke ends up helping an old friend, who owns an aircraft charter service, at the friend's wife request. They find him shot dead. They go after the man responsible, who wants the land for his lumber scheme.

Guest Cast: William Smith, Mary Kate McGeehan, Gordon Tootoosis.

  • ​Production No. 0922

  • Airdate: February 13 1987

  • Writer: James S. Hughs

  • Director: J. Barry Herron

  • Music: Dan Milner

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