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Series Shots

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Santini Air is Dom's business located in California at the Van Nuys Airport and is a company that focuses on stunts and aerial filming. They also supplies helicopters, airplanes, and stunt pilots for private charter use, particularly for use in films and other Hollywood-type productions. In the series Santini Air only had 4 employees. Dom, Hawke, Cait and Ed, who worked as a mechanic. Santini Air was later taken over by his niece Jo Santini after his death in 1987.

Santini Air is located at the Van Nuys Airport and when they were shooting Airwolf they used the hangars at Jetcopters, Inc regularly as the site of "Santini Air".

  • The entrance to the lair is located at the Hidden Bridge straight across Moccasin Arch.

  • The chimney AW hovers out of is located at Thunderbird Mesa.

  • When AW seeing leaving the lair at a distance before passing the camera, and the driving towards the lair is located near West Mitten Butte.

Real World Photos

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